VERAGE, a brand that is passionate about travel, and has a passionate team for travel. Our footprints span the north and south of China and are spread all over the world. After the acquisition of the British VERAGE brand in 2002, the VERAGE team is committed to providing practical, beautiful and functional personal travel bags to all those who love to travel around the world.

At the same time, we also give VERAGE more spiritual personality. As France’s famous novelist and poet Marcel Proust said in the 20th century: “The essence of travel and excavation is not in the surrounding scenery, but in the eyes of the viewer. There is beauty everywhere, we need it, It is a pair of eyes that are good at discovering beauty. “The meaning of beauty can be very wide. It can be a window on the corner of the street, a few clouds floating on the horizon, the most dazzling light before the flame is extinguished, or just a pure smile. These small scenery seem to be ordinary but very real, very close to us, and reach out to the touch. We believe that the beauty is actually around us.

VERAGE hopes to introduce a new “new travel” lifestyle such as “a pair of eyes that are good at discovering beauty in the journey of life” to every consumer who cares about and loves our products. I hope that this kind of positive and positive. The attitude of life brings warmth and happiness to everyone. I hope that every time no matter how far the road is, it will be a journey to find beauty…

VERAGE—New “beautiful” discovery every day!

A Journey Of Compassion And Innovation (1958-2018)

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